About Spruce Mortgage

At Spruce Mortgage loyalty, integrity, and creativity are paramount.

These characteristics are the solid foundation for success on which Spruce Mortgage is built. Spruce Mortgage is a leader among Burlington, Vermont mortgage companies, specializing in residential mortgages, second home mortgages, investment property mortgages, and mortgage refinancing. Our mission is to provide our clients with value, exceptional service, innovative solutions, and access to the best mortgage rates and programs available.


The Spruce staff shows loyalty with customers from the beginning of the loan process through the closing. Not only is the staff loyal to the customer, but they are loyal to all of the other people who touch the loan during processing. This includes realtors, appraisers, and lenders.


Whenever people come to Spruce Mortgage, they know that they will receive honest advice from experienced professionals. If we are not able to get a loan approved, we will help find an investor or bank that will approve and then deliver a full loan package to the customer.


Many of our relationships are built from our loyalty, integrity, and creativity. We work hard to keep our relationships responsive, transparent, and open. We will do whatever it takes to keep those relationships strong.

Spruce Mortgage is a relationship-driven business; therefore, we are driven to establish long term and loyal relationships. That is why we have positioned ourselves in the top two realtor offices in the state. People at Spruce Mortgage make business their life. We work, volunteer, and play with fellow leaders in the community, representing our shared commitment to Spruce and equivalent commitment to our customers and partners.

I believe that our strong foundation has made Spruce Mortgage what we are, and I am very proud of the relationships that we have established.

Gene Richards, C.E.O.